Just started a few days ago, before Christmas, Chris Nuttall's Vanguard. Started with a great tease then got into foundation building.

Chris' description of the book.

My current plan is to write Vanguard next, which will be the start of the third Ark Royal series.  Set roughly ten years after A Small Colonial War, the book will feature an all-new ship and crew as the Royal Navy goes to war against a new interstellar threat. 

I'm having fun.


An alternate history novel set in a universe where the Nazis won World War II. The year is 1985 and everything is different, Hitler didn’t declare war on America after Pearl Harbor, won the war against Russia, convinced Britain to accept a limited peace and generally escaped with most of his winnings.

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This book was an eye-opener for me. I am a Science Fiction guy and haven't read any Fantasy since the Lord of the Rings was big in the early '70s. To prepare for this beta read I read the first two books in the Schooled in Magic Series, they were fun. A school girl is kidnapped from a dreary life in Edinburgh to a world of magic. She is kidnapped because her mother's name is Destiny and the abductors are after a "Child of Destiny". In this new magical world of medieval technology, she is gifted with great powers, and one thing leads to another.

Update 10/18/15: Back from the editor giving it a reread for for inconsistencies, contradictions and reputations created by the modifications after the edit.

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This is my first Beta Reading / Proofreading project for Chris Nuttall. This is the sixth in the Ark Royal Series. The series starts with a war with newly discovered aliens and ends with an intramural war among human nations. I have bought the earlier five books and was looking forward to this book, I wasn't disappointed. I recommend this Space Opera series.

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