Hello, my name is Robert. I am a reader.

I have been reading sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, alternate history, history, biographies, adventure, thrillers, fiction, science, how to do it, comic books, magazines and cereal boxes for fifty plus years. I’ve tried reading some polemics, depressing, haven’t finished many. When I was younger, I read some risqué books, is The Carpetbaggers still risqué?

I got started proofreading serendipitously. I saw the great prices on the indie science fiction available for the Amazon Kindle and started working my way through the genre. At the time, Amazon offered one-month free loans on first books in a series to readers with Kindles, I was hooked.

One of my early discoveries was a young indie science fiction author from Edinburgh, Christopher Nuttall. Some spell checked proofreader errors slipped through the self-publishing process, and Chris had cleverly come up with a way to crowd-source the proofreading task and reduce these imperfections. You spot a proofreading error, send Chris an email with the details, and he will name a character for you in a future novel. My favorite find was "a dull mummer went through the crowd", I am from Philadelphia and I know the only way a mummer could be dull is he if is passed out in a doorway. I suggested to Chris he perhaps meant a "dull murmur". Now, I am a Starship Captain. A "Bond" villain would have been cool too.

After one is a starship captain what is there left to do? Proofreading beckoned and I answered.

Let me polish your book by proofreading. Contact me.

Senior Proof Reader is an R. C. Goerlich & Co., Inc. enterprise.