Let me proofread your book

Your book is your baby. You have spent a lot of time and effort on it and you are proud of it. As careful as you have been writing it you know some imperfections have crept in. Again, since your book is your baby, you cannot see these flaws. That is why you need a skilled proofreader to give it a thorough going over. With (way) more than fifty years reading, I will proofread your eBook with seasoned experience.

I specialize in science fiction, historical fiction, alternate history, fantasy, history, biographies, adventure, thrillers and popular science. I'll give horror, romance, erotica and YA a go, no polemics though, too dark. I will take your book in Word or Google doc format when complete or in separate chapters as it is written.  I will check spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, awkward or inappropriate wording, redundancies all over again (couldn't help myself), confusing terms, readability, consistency and tense issues. On request, I will translate British English to American English. I will return your book marked up with Microsoft Word tracking or Google Docs suggesting.

I like to roll up my sleeves and to get into a book from front to back as a whole unit so the price for the entire book is US$.004 per word for five thousand words per day. A hundred thousand word book would be US$400.00 and done in twenty days. I would hope to do the proofreading in less than half that time, but sometimes real life intrudes. When the book is broken up into chapters delivered separately or groups of chapters the rate is US$.005 per word figuring two days for ten thousand words.

Let me polish your book by proofreading. Contact me.

Senior Proof Reader is an R. C. Goerlich & Co., Inc. enterprise.